Matthew Drever PhD

Department Chairperson of Philosophy and Religion
Associate Professor of Religion Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences
Philosophy and Religion


Matthew Drever works in the areas of systematic and historical theology. He is currently working on two research projects. The first is a manuscript project on the theology of personhood. The second project centers on the theology of prayer.

Ph.D., University of Chicago Divinity School
Ph.D. coursework, Graduate Theological Union
MTS, Vanderbilt Divinity School
B.A., Sonoma State University

First manuscript examined the theology and philosophy of Augustine (Oxford Press); currently working on a manuscript that explores the concept of the divine image within historical and contemporary Protestant Christianity

History of Christian Theology
Contemporary issues such as the problem of evil and science and religion

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.


Drever, Matthew. Image, Identity, and the Forming of the Augustinian Soul. Oxford University Press, 2013. Print.

Book Chapter

Drever, Matthew. “Image, Identity, and Embodiment: Augustine's Interpretation of the Human Person in Genesis 1-2.” Genesis and Christian Theology. Ed. Mark W. Elliott Nathan MacDonald and Grant Macaskill. Eerdmans, 2012. 117–128. Print.

Book Reviews

Drever, Matthew. “Stricken by Sin, Cured by Christ:Agency, Necessity, and Culpability in Augustinian Theology.” 2014: n. pag. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Augustine and the Trinity.” 2011: 1075–1078. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Tolle Lege:Essays on Augustine & on Medieval Philosophy in Honor of Roland J. Teske, SJ.” Ed. David Twetten Richard C. Taylor and Michael Wreen. 2011: 311–315. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Augustine and Roman Virtue.” 2008: 171–175. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Augustine and Modernity.” 2006: 637–638. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Speech and Theology: Language and the Logic of Incarnation.” 2002: 658–640. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “River out of Eden.” 2000: 713–715. Print.

Journal Articles

Drever, Matthew. “Redeeming Creation: Creatio Ex Nihilo and the Imago Dei in Augustine.” 15.2 (2013): 135–153. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Images of Suffering in Augustine and Luther.” 51.1 (2012): 71–82. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Entertaining Violence: Augustine on the Cross of Christ and the Commercialization of Suffering.” 92.3 (2012): 331–361. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “The Self Before God? Rethinking Augustine's Trinitarian Thought.” Harvard Theological Review 100.2 (2007): 233–242. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Dorner's Critique of Divine Immutability.” Process Studies 31.1 (2002): 77–92. Print.

Drever, Matthew. “Trinity, Church, and Deification in Augustine.” Baker Academic Press (2018): n. pag. Print.

American Academy of Religion
North American Patristics Society
Society of Biblical Literature

HON 1013 Medieval Culture Or Self-Fashioning in The Renaissance
PHIL 2453 The Great Conversation Ii: Modern and Contemporary
PHIL 4973 Senior Seminar
REL 2343 Christian Faith and Thought
REL 2383 Religion and Science
REL 2503 God and Human Suffering
REL 3363 Introduction to Early Christian Thought
REL 3383 Protestant Reformation
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