Meagan McCollum PhD

Assistant Professor of Finance Collins College of Business
School of Finance, Operations Management and International Business

Ph.D., Louisiana State University
M.S., The University of Alabama
M.B.A., Samford University
B.A., Samford University

real estate finance, household finance, financial intermediation

financial institutions, banking, real estate

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

McCollum, Meagan, and Gregory Upton. 2018. "Local Labor Market Shocks and Residential Mortgage Payments: Evidence from Shale Oil and Gas Booms." Resource and Energy Economics 53. Resource and Energy Economics: 162–97.

McCollum, Meagan, and Gregory Upton, Jr. 2018. "Asymmetric Effects of Housing Wealth on College Enrolment." Applied Economics Letters 25 (3). Applied Economics Letters: 201–5.

McCollum, Meagan, Hong Lee, and R Pace. 2015. "Deleveraging and Mortgage Curtailment." Journal of Banking & Finance 60. Journal of Banking & Finance: 60–75.

Devine, Avis, and Meagan McCollum. 2019. “Understanding Social System Drivers of Green Building Innovation Adoption in Emerging Market Countries: The Role of Foreign Direct Investment.” Cities. Cities.

Calabrese, Raffaella, Meagan McCollum, and Kelley Pace. 2019. “Modelling Mortgage Decisions Using a Spatial Binary Choice Model for Large Imbalanced Data .” Regional Science and Urban Economics. Regional Science and Urban Economics.


McCollum, Meagan. 2015. "Essays on Mortgage Debt Payment." Louisiana State University. Louisiana State University.

Written Case with Instructional Material

Air Ambulance Card Case Study: Exploring Strategies for Small Business Expansion. 2013, 7 1–14.

Working Papers

McCollum, Meagan, and R Pace. 2018. "Income Stability and Mortgage Default."

Decker, Ryan, Meagan McCollum, and Gregory Upton, Jr. 2019. “Firm Dynamics and Local Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Shale Oil and Gas Boom.” Working Paper.

McCollum, Meagan, Rajesh Narayanan, and R Pace. 2019. “A Revealed Preference Approach to Estimating Strategic Mortgage Default.”

McCollum, Meagan, and Stanimira Milcheva. 2019. “Multifamily Rental Housing and Naturally Occurring Affordability-The Investor Perspective.”

American Real Estate Society
American Economic Association
American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association