Nicholas Zumwalt PhD, RN, CEN, CPEN

Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing Oxley College of Health Sciences
School of Nursing


Nicholas Zumwalt joined the faculty of nursing at his alma mater in 2015. His research interests are in symptom management and meaning, particularly symptoms of suffering in non-verbal children with neuro-developmental disorders. He presented on this topic at the 2016 Western Institute of Nursing, where he was also awarded the Ann M. Voda American Indian/Alaskan Native/First Nation Conference Award. Nicholas hopes to strengthen the understanding of suffering and the family dynamic of care in non-verbal patients in order to better identify and treat suffering through a framework of palliative care.

Ph.D., University of Arizona
M.S., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
B.S.N., University of Tulsa
B.A., University of Tulsa

Symptoms of suffering in non-verbal pediatric patients with neuro-developmental disorders. Integrating palliative care access in the emergency department setting.

Cardiovascular, renal system, shock, trauma, burn, pediatric, and palliative nursing care.

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

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Brown, L., Arthur, A.O., Lynch, B., Gray, W., Zumwalt, N., Goodloe, J., Dixon, J., Thomas, S.H. (2012). Impact of short staffing and emergency department left without being seen. [Abstract]. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 60, S97.

National League for Nursing
American Nurses Association
Oklahoma Nurses Association
Sigma Theta Tau International
Emergency Nurses Association
Western Institute of Nursing
Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association

NSG 4154 Applied Science IV
NSG 4164 Nursing Science IV
NSG 4174 Nursing Interventions IV