Peyton Cook PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics College of Engineering & Natural Sciences


Peyton Cook received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Oklahoma State University in 1983. He has published papers on the theory of Bayesian Statistical Inference as well as papers applying statistics to business and biology. His current interest is Henstock-Kurzweil integration.

Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
M.S., Oklahoma State University
B.S., Oklahoma State University
B.A., The University of Tulsa

Bayesian Statistical Inference
ARIMA time series
Financial mathematics and numerical solutions to Ito Processes
Generalized Riemann Integration

Statistics Methods for Engineers and Scientists
Ordinary Differential Equations
Calculus II, Integration and Series
Box-Jenkins Time Series Forecasting
Generalized Linear Models
Probability for Actuaries
Basic Calculus

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

Sanderson, Charlotte E., Peyton Cook, Peggy S. M. Hill, Benjamin S. Orozco, Harrington Wells and Charles I. Abramson. 2013. Nectar quality perception by honey bees (Apis mellifera ligustica). Journal of Comparative Psychology 127: 341-251. DOI:10.1037/a0032613

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Book Chapters

Cook, P. and L. D. Broemeling (1996), “Analyzing Threshold Autoregressions with a Bayesian Approach”, in Advances in Econometrics: Bayesian Methods Applied to Time Series Data, Vol. 11B, pp. 89-107, JAI Press, Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut

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Conference Proceedings

Pomeranz, Shirley, and Peyton Cook. “My Fifty Years of Calculus.” ASEE: 2017 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference Proceedings, 2017. Print.

Letcher, J. H., O’Neil, K. A., and P. Cook (1993), “An Imaging Device that Uses the Wavelet Transformation as the Image Reconstruction Algorithm: Part III”, Proceedings of the IEE, UK., Acoustic Sensing and Imaging, 29-30 March 1993, pp. 56-59

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MATH 2024 Calculus II
MATH 3073 Differential Equations
MATH 7863 Special Topics in Mathematics
STAT 4813 Statistical Methods for Scientists and Engineers