Rachel Hildebrand PhD, LAT, ATC

Coordinator of Athletic Training Clinical Education
Clinical Assistant Professor of Athletic Training Oxley College of Health Sciences
Kinesiology and Rehabilitative Sciences
Oxley Health Sciences Facility 405 918-631-3204

Vitamin D and Performance
Concussion/Return to Learn

Clinical Evaluation and Intervention
Therapeutic Modalities
Professional Responsibility
Clinical Education

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

Hildebrand R, , . Examining Emotional Intelligence Differences in Atheltic Training Undergraduate Students and First-Year Graduate Assistants. 2017.

Hildebrand R, , , . The Effect of Gender on Peer Tutor/Tutee Relationships. 2017.

Hildebrand R, . The Implementation of Cultural Competence in Athletic Training Education Programs. 2017.


Hildebrand R, . A Cross-sectional Examination of Vitamin D Status as It Relates to Muscle Strength and Muscle Power in Collegiate Athletes. 2017.

ATRG 2813 Clinical Experience II
ATRG 3022 Professional Responsibilities in Athletic Training
ATRG 3601 Orthopedic Assessment: Lower Extremity Practicum