Randy Hazlett PhD

Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering

Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin
M.S., University of Texas-Austin
B.S., University of Texas-Austin

Unconventional Reservoirs
Discrete Well Modeling
Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis
Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
Productivity Modeling of Complex Wells
Production from Complex Fracture Systems
Flow in Fractures
Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications in Reservoir Engineering
Lattice Boltzmann methods for Petroleum Engineering
Enhanced Oil Recovery

Reservoir Engineering
Production Engineering
Rock and Fluid Properties
Enhanced Oil Recovery

PE 1001 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
PE 2101 Rock and Fluid Properties Lab
PE 3023 Reservoir Engineering I
PE 3073 Production Engineering I
PE 4071 Production Engineering Lab
PE 4113 Reservoir Engineering II
PE 4863 Special Topics in Petroleum Engineering
PE 4871 Research in Petroleum Engineering
PE 7083 Modern Reservoir Engineering
PE 7981 Research and Thesis
PE 9981 Research and Dissertation