Richard Shaughnessy

Research Associate, Chemical Engineering College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Russell School of Chemical Engineering

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Environmental Health
School and Home Environments
Student Performance and Health
Indoor Asthma Triggers
Indoor Microbiology/Microbiomes
Indoor Environmental Quality Standards, Development, Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Environmental Quality

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

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Shaughnessy, R.; Levetin, E.; Blocker, J.; and Sublette, K. L., "Effectiveness of Portable Air Cleaners: Sensory Testing Results," Indoor Air, 4, 179-188 (1994).

Conference Proceeding

Shaughnessy, R. J., Levetin, E. and Sublette, K. L., "Effectiveness of Portable Indoor Air Cleaners in Particulate and Gaseous Contaminant Removal", Proceedings of Indoor Air '93, vol. 6, Helsinki, Finland (July 1993).