Robin Ploeger EdD, ATC, LAT

Interim Director of Community Medicine, LIBR
Thomas E. Oxley Dean of the Oxley College of Health Sciences
Clinical Professor of Athletic Training Oxley College of Health Sciences
Kinesiology and Rehabilitative Sciences


Dr. Robin Ploeger came to TU in August 1995. After several years as a faculty member in the Athletic Training program, she was named director of the program in 2002. She served in that capacity until 2015, when she was named as the Associate Dean of the Oxley College of Health Sciences. She currently serves as the Interim Dean of the Oxley College of Health Sciences, and as the Interim Director of the Community Medicine, LIBR program. Dr. Ploeger has served the athletic training professional association in various committees associated with athletic training students and accreditation. Dr. Ploeger served as the chair of the National Athletic Training Student Committee and mentor to the NATA Athletic Training Students’ Committee. She is a site visitor for the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). From 2014-17 she served as the chair for the CAATE Site Visit Committee. She is a peer reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Ed.D., Oklahoma State University
M.S., Brigham Young University
B.S., Ohio University
Associate of Science, Hutchinson Community College

Athletic Training

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

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Mid-America Athletic Trainers' Association
Oklahoma Athletic Trainers' Association
National Athletic Trainers' Association

ATRG 1001 Athletic Training Orientation
ATRG 2452 Drug Education/Pharmacology
ATRG 2601 Therapeutic Modalities Practicum
ATRG 2603 Strategies for Healthy Living
ATRG 2663 Therapeutic Modalities
ATRG 2802 Clinical Experience I
ATRG 2813 Clinical Experience II
ATRG 3022 Professional Responsibilities in Athletic Training
ATRG 3601 Orthopedic Assessment: Lower Extremity Practicum
ATRG 3642 Orthopedic Assessment: Lower Extremity
ATRG 4723 Illness and Disease in the Physically Active
ATRG 4903 Applications in Athletic Training I
ATRG 4913 Applications in Athletic Training II
BUS 1001 Business Orientation and Planning For Success