Roger Stern PhD

Faculty Fellow, School of Energy Collins College of Business
School of Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce


Roger Stern is a Faculty Fellow in the School of Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce at The University of Tulsa and a Visiting Scholar at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Stern previously held a post-doctoral fellowship at Princeton University’s Oil, Energy & the Middle East Program.

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
M.S., University of Vermont
B.A., Antioch College

Politics and History of Petroleum, Energy in US Economic and Foreign Policy History, Problems of State-Owned Oil Companies of Energy-Exporting Countries, Mineral Scarcity; intersection of US energy policy, foreign policy, national security, and economic history.

National oil company operations
Relation of ideas about oil to US foreign policy formation

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

Stern, R. (2016). Oil Scarcity Ideology in US Foreign Policy, 1908-1997. Security Studies 25:214-257.

Stern, R. (2010). US Cost of Military Force Projection in the Persian Gulf, 1976-2007. Energy Policy 38: 2816–2825

Stern, R. (2008) Gas: una grande occasione per negoziare con l’Iran, Energia (Autunno, 2008)

Stern, R. (2007) The Iranian petroleum crisis and United States national security. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (1)377-382.

Stern, R. (2007) Iran: Il Petrolio e la Questione Nucleare, Energia (Autunno, 2007)

Stern, R. (2006) Oil Market Power and United States National Security. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (5)1650-1655.


Stern, Roger. Oil and Apocalypse: Resource Scarcity Ideology in International Relations, 1889-1938. Cambridge University Press, 2018. Print.

Working Paper

Stern, Roger, Oil Scarcity Ideology in US Foreign Policy, 1908-1980 Stanford University Program on Energy and Sustainable Development Working Paper

History of Science Society
International Studies Association
American Historical Association
Middle East Studies Association
International Association for Energy Economics
Association of International Petroleum Negotiators
American Association of Geographers
American Political Science Association

BUS 4973 Seminar in Business
EMGT 4023 Global Energy Decisions
IB 4023 Global Energy Decisions
MEB 7093 Critical Issues for the Energy Industry
MEB 7973 Energy in US History Since 1859
MEB 7992 Directed Research in Energy Business