Ron Walker EdD, AT, CSCS

Director of Athletic Training Program
Associate Dean of the Oxley College of Health Sciences
Clinical Associate Professor of Athletic Training Oxley College of Health Sciences
Kinesiology and Rehabilitative Sciences
Oxley Health Sciences Facility 406 918-631-3240


Dr. Walker is licensed & certified athletic trainer with 20 years of experience in injury/illness prevention, clinical evaluation & diagnosis, immediate & emergency care, therapeutic intervention/treatment, & rehabilitation of injuries & medical conditions. Dr. Walker is a Clinical Associate Professor of athletic training at The University of Tulsa, where he also serves as the Associate Dean of Health Sciences. His areas of specialization include functional anatomy and kinesiology, the evaluation of orthopedic injury, & legal/ethical considerations of practice. He is the past Director of the AT Program at TU and previously served as the founding director of the AT Program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Throughout his career, he has been involved as a provider at countless athletic events for all ages and levels. His professional experience in outpatient orthopedics, high school outreach, NCAA Division I & II, & education have allowed the opportunity to interact with a vast network of AT professionals in diverse settings while promoting the consideration of contemporary professional issues from a variety of perspectives. Ron is very active in service leadership at state, regional, & national levels. He has served as President & Treasurer of the Oklahoma AT Association; as the Treasurer of the Mid-America AT Association & chair of the finance committee, as a member of the National AT Association District Secretary & Treasurer Committee, as an accreditation site visitor for the Commission on Accreditation of AT Education, & on the Board of Certification Regulatory Conference advisory panel. Ron served as a MomsTeam, SmartTeams Pilot Coordinator and as an expert blogger for Ron is a 2017 inductee into the Oklahoma AT Association Hall of Fame, a 2015 recipient of the NATA's Most Distinguished AT Award, and a 2012 NATA AT Service Award recipient. Ron works tirelessly to establish policy that will improve safety in youth sports while promoting the health profession of athletic training.

Ed.D., Oklahoma State University
M.A., University of Tulsa
B.S., University of Tulsa

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

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Dissertation Project

Walker, Ron. “The Effect of Sex Congruence in Athletic Training Students’ Clinical Education Dyads.” Oklahoma State University , 2014. Print.

ATRG 1001 Athletic Training Orientation
ATRG 2023 Human Anatomy and Kinesiology
ATRG 2653 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries
ATRG 2973 Seminar
ATRG 3652 Orthopedic Assessment: Upper Extremity
ATRG 3701 Orthopedic Assessment: Upper Extremity Practicum
ATRG 3803 Clinical Experience III
ATRG 3813 Clinical Experience IV
ATRG 4053 Legal Aspects of Athletic Training
ATRG 4803 Clinical Experience V
MSE 7133 Concepts and Applications in Biology