Ron Bonett PhD

Associate Professor of Biological Science College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Biological Science


Ronald Bonett's research focuses on the evolution of alternate developmental patterns in vertebrates, particularly amphibians. Most amphibians have a biphasic life cycle with an aquatic larval stage followed by metamorphosis into a more terrestrial adult form, but several lineages have independently evolved alternate developmental pathways resulting in both strictly aquatic and strictly terrestrial species. Using a variety of behavioral, ecological, endocrinological, genomic, and phylogenetic approaches, Bonett seeks to understand how deviations in developmental patterns have influenced the evolution of vertebrate diversity.

Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington
M.S., East Stroudsburg University
B.S., East Stroudsburg University

Influence of developmental and life history variation on patterns of reproductive isolation Biogeography, Molecular Endocrine Research

Organismic and Evolutionary biology
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Mechanism of Animal Development
Amphibian Biology

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceeding

Beachy, Christopher, Travis Ryan, and Ronald Bonett. “How Metamorphosis Is Different in Plethodontids: Larval Life History Perspectives on Life-Cycle Evolution.” Herpetologica. Vol. 73. 2017. 252–258. Print.


Bonett, Ronald. “An Integrative Endocrine Model for the Evolution of Developmental Timing and Life History of Plethodontids and Other Salamanders.” Copeia 104.1 (2016): 209–221. Print.

BIOL 1603 Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 3204 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 4243 Mechanisms of Animal Development
BIOL 7011 Research Experience
BIOL 7863 Selected Topics in Biology
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BIOL 9981 Dissertation Research