Russell Christopher JD

Professor of Law College of Law
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Professor Christopher's research is in the area of criminal law and criminal procedure. His recent work includes articles on rape, statutory rape, rape by fraud, blackmail, victim's rights, the theory of punishment, attempts, and criminal defenses. His work has appeared in a wide variety of journals including Northwestern University Law Review, Georgetown Law Journal, Fordham Law Review, Ohio State Law Journal, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, and Philosophy & Public Affairs. He has also published two books in Oxford University Press.

Christopher joined the TU College of Law faculty in 2002 after serving as a visiting assistant professor of law at Florida State University School of Law, as an adjunct professor of law at Fordham University School of Law, a research scholar in the faculty of law at Columbia University School of Law, and a judicial clerk in the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.

J.D., University of Michigan School of Law
A.B., Hamilton College

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Law Reviews

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