Scott Shemwell DBA

Adjunct Faculty, Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce Collins College of Business
School of Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce


Dr. Scott Shemwell is Managing Director of The Rapid Response Institute in Houston, TX. As a seasoned energy industry executive and business entrepreneur, Scott is well known for his leadership and managerial experience and is highly sought after as a consultant in the broad areas of organizational efficiency/agility, safety, and technology across the global energy complex. Dr. Shemwell has served in a number of executive roles, including: CEO, Strategic Decision Sciences; COO, Wescorp Energy Inc.; CEO, Knowledge Ops Inc.; Co-Founder, OARS 360 Inc.; VP, Energy Industry Solutions, Oracle Corporation; CEO, Real-Time Data Solutions; Managing Director, MCI Systemhouse/EDS; Director and various other leadership positions, Halliburton/Landmark Graphics; Global Account Executive, Intergraph Corporation; and Managing Director, Far East, Digicon Inc. He also previously worked as a field engineer for Schlumberger well services and an account manager for Beckman Instruments.

D.B.A., Nova Southeastern University
M.B.A., Houston Baptist University
B.S., North Georgia Collete

The Digital Energy Enterprise
Culture of Safety and Safety Systems/Issues in the Energy Industry

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.


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