Surendra Singh PhD

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D., University of Mississippi
MTech, Indian Institute of Technology
B.S., Regional Engineering College

Computational Electromagnetics
Mathematical Modeling

Electromagnetic Theory
Engineering Economics
Electric Circuits
RF Communications

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Conference Proceedings

Singh, Surendra, and Heng-Ming Tai. “Convergence Acceleration of Method of Moments Solution for Antenna and Scattering Problems.” Automation Congress, 2008. WAC 2008. World. 2008. 1–5. Print.

Singh, Surendra, Kaveh Ashenayi, and H-M Tai. “Reconstruction of Pictures from Projections.” System Theory, 1988., Proceedings of the Twentieth Southeastern Symposium On. 1988. 317–321. Print.

EE 3023 Introduction to Electromagnetics
EE 7023 Electromagnetic Theory
ES 3083 Engineering Economics