Tracy Manly PhD, CPA

Program Director of Master of Accountancy
Albert Rogers Professor of Accounting Collins College of Business
School of Accounting and Computer Information Systems


Tracy Manly has received both the Outstanding Accounting Educator by the Oklahoma Society of CPAs, and the Innovation in Teaching Learning Award from the Oklahoma Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference. On campus, she has been recognized as the University of Tulsa Outstanding Teacher, Lewis Duncan Outstanding Advisor, and recipient of the Mayo Teaching Excellence Award from the Collins College of Business. Her dissertation received the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from the International Section of the American Accounting Association. Her research is published in the Journal of the American Taxation Association, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Issues in Accounting Education, and Journal of Business Ethics. A Certified Public Accountant, Manly belongs to the American Accounting Association.

Ph.D., University of Arkansas
Master of Accountancy, University of Arkansas
B.B.A., Hardin-Simmons University

Accounting and Business Ethics
Tax Compliance and Policy
Accounting Education

Principles of Accounting
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Accounting Ethics

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Leonard, L.N.K. and Manly, T.S., “Social Networks and Students’ Ethical Behavior,” ICT Ethics and Security in the 21st Century: New Developments and Applications, ed. Marian Quigley, IGI Global, 2011.

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Conference Proceedings

Leonard, L.N.K., Riemenschneider, C.K. and Manly, T.S., “TPB and MES: A Comparison of Behavioral Intention Findings Regarding IT in an Academic Setting,” 2012 Proceedings of the National Decision Sciences Institute, San Francisco, California, November 2012, pp. 90001-90006.

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Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium
American Accounting Association

ACCT 2123 Concepts in Accounting Information II
ACCT 2123 Concepts in Accounting Information II
ACCT 3113 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACCT 4083 Professional Accounting Issues
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ACCT 7263 Issues for Tax Exempt Organizations
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