Vernon Howard MMEd

Director of Jazz Studies
Director of School of Music
Applied Professor of Music Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences
School of Music

MMEd, The University of Tulsa
BMEd, The University of Tulsa

Trombonist or bassist in symphonic, jazz and popular music styles
Performances and recordings with the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Tulsa Opera, Fort Smith Symphony, Frank Sinatra Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, B.B. King and many others

Jazz Band
Vocal Jazz
Ear Training I-IV (jazz emphasis)
Composition (jazz emphasis)
Jazz: Mirror of American Society
Brass Instrumental Methods
Applied Trombone

MUS 0061 Jazz Workshop
MUS 0130 Chamber Music Ensembles
MUS 0613 Trombone
MUS 1043 Jazz: Mirror of American Society
MUS 2182 Introduction to Composition I
MUS 2192 Introduction to Composition II
MUS 4393 Jazz Pedagogy
MUS 4400 Senior Recital Performance
MUS 4500 Piano Proficiency Completion
MUS 4973 Senior Seminar
MUS 4973 Senior Seminar