Bill Coberly PhD

Department Chairperson of Mathematics
Associate Professor of Mathematics College of Engineering & Natural Sciences


Following a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the NASA Johnson Space Center, William Coberly joined the faculty at The University of Tulsa (TU) in 1974.  His time as a professor at TU has included 28 years as Department Chair of Mathematical and Computer Sciences. 

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
M.A., Texas Tech University
B.A., Texas Tech University

Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Applications in Neuroscience and Bioinformatics

Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Advanced Math
Stochastic Modeling
Statistical Learning

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

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Book Chapter

Bednar, J, and W Coberly. “Order Selection for Lowpass IIR Filters.” Applied Time Series Analysis II. Academic Press, 1980. Print.

Conference Proceedings

Findley, D, W, and T Cairns. “ARMA Modelling Applied to Linear Prediction of Speech.” IEEE International Conference on Acoustic, Speech, and Signal Processing, 1978. Print.

Bednar, J, and W. “Removal of Nonstationary Components by Complex Spectral Zero Analysis.” IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, Nad Signal Processing, 1978. Print.

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American Mathematical Society
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Mathematical Association of America
American Statistical Association

MATH 1001 Introduction to Mathematics
MATH 3033 Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
MATH 3513 Modern Geometries
MATH 7553 Statistical Learning
STAT 4813 Statistical Methods for Scientists and Engineers